Nils Jennewein

Nils Jennewein

Lawyer, Senior Associate

Nils Jennewein

Nils Jennewein's works primarily in public law and general civil law.

He is proficient in the particularities of formal administrative proceedings and has the necessary in-depth knowledge of substantive law in the areas of public construction planning and building regulations law, public procurement law and European state aid law. In these areas, he advises companies and corporations under public law on the successful implementation of their goals and on the extrajudicial and judicial defense or enforcement of official orders. In particular, he advises corporations under public law on the proper and legally secure implementation of procurement procedures, above and below the EU thresholds values.

In addition, he represents companies in general civil litigation, particularly in private construction law and sales law.

Languages: English

Professional background

Associate at the law firm BETTE WESTENBERGER BRINK since 2018

Legal clerkship in Mainz and Speyer

Law studies at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

Work as an emergency paramedic

Fields of Competence of

Nils Jennewein


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