Susann Lieske-Brühl

Susann Lieske-Brühl

Lawyer, partner

Susann Lieske-Brühl

Susann Lieske-Brühl works primarily in individual and collective employment law and the interface of social law. In particular, she advises and represents employers in the context of employment relationships under public law and in employee representation law. In addition, she has special knowledge in drafting contracts in the area of general terms and conditions.

She also represents companies in general civil litigation.

Languages: English

Professional background

Working for the law firm BETTE WESTENBERGER BRINK since 2011

Attended the German University of Administrative Sciences in Speyer

Legal clerkship in Mühlhausen and Erfurt

Study of law with additional training in economics in Bayreuth (commercial lawyer)

Fields of Competence of

Susann Lieske-Brühl


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