From human
to human.

Even if we traditionally wear suits, we are not traditional lawyers. We see ourselves as corporate consultants based on partnership. And as such, we are not only speak "fluent legal", but above all understandable and on a equal level (footing). Not from lawyer to client. But from person to person.
Bette Westenberger Brink Anwaltskanzlei Empfangsbereich

Today for tomorrow
We firmly believe that understanding for one another, partnership with one another, and curious expertise produces sustainable results. We do not want to be litigation companion, but rather prevent legal matters. We help where our clients really need help.

One step ahead of the rust
What is the saying? If you rest, you rust. New regulations and laws are created every day. Digitalization keeps all industries on their toes. We are curious and constantly evolving. Legal tech, seminars, in-house training and publications in our core competencies support our individual consulting. So we - and our clients – are always one step ahead of the rust.

A network of experts
We can do a lot - at least everything related to commercial law - but it would be presumptuous to say: we can do everything! That's why we work together in a trust worthy network of law firms, auditors and management consultants in Germany and abroad in order to offer our clients the best possible solutions.

88 years of business law
The partnership was founded through the merger of the legal counsellor Wilhelm Westenberger in 1932, 1962 by Dr. Klaus Bette and in 1997 by Dr. Frank Wetzling in Mainz. Since then, we have been helping our clients with preventive legal advice, legal drafting and project management, enforcement of claims and titles and - if there is no other way - with litigation. Reliable, on time and competent.

Bette Westenberger Brink Anwaltskanzlei Empfangsbereich

Our values


We work in partnership.

We personally stand up for the cause. And for the people who entrust us with their issues. We work together transparently and assume responsibility beyond the mandate. Reliably, on time and competent. As partners to our clients.


We provide comprehen-sible advice.

Legal topics are heavy fare for non-lawyers. That is why we not only speak "fluent legal", but above all understandably and at eye level. Not from lawyer to client. But from person to person. We help you to find your way through the jungle of norms and to organize complex business law topics into understandable know-how.


We remain curious.

To ensure that we remain competent and excellent in the future, we are looking for innovative ideas for old and new problems. Whether it is legal-tech products that avoid unnecessary formalism or new knowledge from our areas of expertise. We stay curious.


We act sustainably.

We are not rip-offsor money wasters, but honest consultants who sustainably increase our clients' efficiency. We protect them preventively against risks. Everything we do helps our clients in advance. Not just today, but also tomorrow.

Our Fields of Competence


Florian Decker

Rechtsanwalt, Partner, Fachanwalt für IT-Recht


Unser Netzwerk

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Bette Westenberger Brink takes social responsibility beyond the legal requirements. In addition to the sustainability of our consulting activities, this includes supporting the work of non-profit organizations and promoting social and cultural activities. Our commitment is based on our values

For us, corporate citizenship means in particular:

Pro bono consulting of non-governmental or non-profit organizations (NGO/NPO) in their charitable activities at cost price or reduced rates of remuneration.
Voluntary engagement of partners and lawyers in social projects and initiatives.
Legal and financial support of non-profit associations and charitable activities.
Sponsorship of cultural and sporting events.

We see this as added value for everyone involved and are constantly striving to measure its effectiveness. So that the support reaches where it is needed.