Countries and Attorneys

BETTE WESTENBERGER BRINK conducts correspondence and negotiations in all common languages – German, English, French, Spanish and Italian. We provide advice and counsel services to German companies and persons for their activities abroad, as well as for foreign companies and persons for their interests and activities in Germany. Our expertise includes:

  • provision of legal services for the formation of subsidiaries and branches located in Germany
  • providing business advice and counsel services for the operational activities of foreign companies
  • providing advice and counsel services for cross-border M&A and real property transactions
  • international factoring and European banking regulations
  • capital market law and finance investments abroad
  • cross-border tax law and probate matters

Many of our attorneys are specialized in Anglo-Saxon common law. We also maintain close ties to France and Spain. The attorneys working with companies in these countries have lived in the respective country and developed a network of international law firms. Collaboration with this network supplements BWB’s country specific legal and inter-cultural know-how.

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