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Navigating the Legal Landscape in Receivables Finance

The COVID -19 pandemic has caused a major disruption to our lives. It has undoubtedly affected every industry, and the factoring industry is no exception. Since this is unprecedented territory for everyone, we organised a panel of industry attorneys and legal experts to discuss various legal topics related to these challenging times.

In this matter the FCI is happy to announce a new webinar focusing on the Legal Issues Factors are dealing with during the times of COVID-19, to be held on Thursday 18 June 2020, 15:00CET.

Moderated by Mr. Peter Mulroy, FCI Secretary General, this online event will focus on the general legal issues surrounding the factoring and the receivables finance in the recent months, as well as the questions related to the GRIF and FCI Circulars no. 5235 and 5240.

The list of panelists includes:

• Mr. Christian FABER, Attorney at Law, Bette-Westenberger-Brink, providing advice to the factoring and trade finance industry, financial institutions and SME in the area of commercial and company law as well as banking and capital market law such as cross border factoring contracts, risk management and AML.

• Mr. Edward WILDE, Attorney at Law, member of FCI Legal Committee. Edward has over 40 years’ experience of resolving legal and practical problems affecting the operations of factoring and asset-based lending companies.

• Mr. Yüce UYANIK, Instructor, Training Consultant and Author with a Masters in Law degree, member of FCI Legal Committee, a former Factoring Executive.


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